Affordable Housing for Everyone?

Rent or Mortgage is the biggest expense most people have.

Professional economic advice generally says  “Rent generally should not be more than 25 percent of your gross monthly salary,” But the truth of the matter is that in the United States the average  is more like 50% of people’s monthly salary.

This situation has given birth to a very large and varied “Altenative Housing Movements” like the Tiny House movement, Full Time RV’ing, Shipping Container and Earthship houses and more.

Governments around the world rebel against this type of moment because it puts the power back to the people and cuts the flow of tax – RV’s and Tiny Houses pay much less taxes, (and sometimes no-taxes at all!). Governments do NOT like people who find a way around paying taxes – Except for the Rich 1% – they can use as many tax loopholes as they can find and they never get in trouble!

The tool that governments use to enforce their taxes is Building Codes and Permits. Tiny Houses work around those Codes and Regulations by being no larger than 400 square feet, and by plopping them on trailers so they are not permanent structures. Yurts and Tipis fall into this category as well…

On top of this, homelessness in the United States has never been successfully addressed and seems very unlikely to be resolved any time soon.

What is the solution to create affordable housing for all? Surely it isn’t something that we can expect any government to solve for us, so it’s something that each of us has to deal with and solve for ourselves…

Well, here are just a few ideas to Simplify your home and NOT have to spend half of your paycheck or more on rent or mortgage – enjoy!:

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Building an Eco-Friendly Green Bamboo Home in 6 Hours! (Thailand Hut/Small House/Tiny Home)

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