Don’t Eat The Sandwich

Joe Rogan is one of my Heroes.


Mainly because he has the balls to say what he thinks and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s a much braver man than I, for sure. He’s also very smart, although says he’s not.

He’s funny as hell and his is delivery always sharp, smart, piercing and to the point. This is true even outside of his Stand Up Routines – like when he’s on un-rehearsed interviews or tearing up hecklers.

I also believe that he’s a true seeker of truth.

He’s a short video clip of his theory that humans are the Bacteria of the Earth.

I know it’s pretty much a re-hash of Agent Smith’s theory that humans are a Virus, but Joe Rogan’s delivery is much more entertaining than Smith’s.

Visit his website at: and get his tweets here: (@joerogan)

So I’m posting his video here to strongly encourage you to Not eat the Sandwich…

I try to live a life of harmonious integration. I try to flow with nature and life as best I can, mentally, spiritually and physically, and I believe that living a Simpler Life is the basic source of this flow.

I’m not here to preach, nor tell you what to do at all, but I have found that living a simpler life has made my life much easier and peaceful.

I will post later on more specifics about how I have simplified my life. My struggles and pitfalls, and the tools I have learned along the way.

But for now, I simply encourage you to Not eat the sandwich, because…

Karma can be quite the bitch.

More on that later…