This is a simple blog about the quest for the Simple Life as a way to peace…

This Blog will have two types of posts:

  1. Spiritual/Philosophical
  2. Practical

You will be able to read some posts that are more Spiritual in nature and others that give you practical tools to simplify your life.

But simple does not equal easy, as anyone who has every gone down this path will tell you.

What we’ve found is that it takes a holistic approach to be successful at editing and simplifying one’s life.

It’s not only about getting rid of stuff. That would be too easy! If we don’t work on the mental and spiritual side of this conundrum, no matter how much stuff we get rid of, in a very short time, we end up buried under a pile of crap bigger than the one we chucked out earlier.

It is a Mind, Body, Spirit issue – as are all our problems, really!

This blog is intended to share philosophies, tools and ideas to help you explore the Simple Life as a Way to Spiritual Peace.

So get on board on and stay tuned. We have a very interesting road ahead of us. Keep checking in because the fun has just begun.

Simple + Life = Peace
Ο + ☥ = ☮