Secret Temple, Higher Self, and Chakra Activation – Guided Meditation


This is a very deep Guided Meditation that will take you through Four different Levels of meditation:

  • Body and Mind Relaxation
  • Your very own Secret Temple
  • Connect you to your Higher Self (or Universal Consciousness)
  • Chakra Activation

It is a very powerful Creative Visualization Meditation, that if followed regularly for a few times, you will soon be able to sit and do it by yourself…

The Secret Temple is the Key to this meditation.

Think of it as your own private place where you can go and do your own spritiual work: ask guidance from Universal Consciousness, pratice Healing Visualizations on yourself or others, Talk to your Guandian Angel… your imagination is the only limit. And, after visiting your Secret Temple for a while, it will become as real as any place in the physical universe.

The best way to use this Guided Meditation is to sit, or lay down and relax, then access the video straight from your phone – earbuds work best. Remember to set your phone to Airplane Mode so it won’t interrupt you with alarms or notifications.

Block out 30 minutes so you can listen to the whole thing, start to finish, without interruptions.

Set the volume on the low side – like someone whispering in your ear.  This will make it easier to relax, since a higher volume setting could make it harder to go deep.

Listening to it before going to sleep will actully relax you so deeply that you will have very good night’s sleep. You will go into a very deep relaxation, so if you want to make sure you won’t fall asleep, listen to it while sitting, either cross-legged on a cussion, or in a comfortable reclibner or chair.

If you listen to it every night, you will notice that your days will be much more peaceful and easy, and interactions with people will be very easy and smooth.

If you want to “try it out” before you sit or lay down to experience the full effects, listen to it while walking around with eyes open, so you can listen to the whole thing before going deep into it, and see if you like it before hand.

A lot of thought, time and effort went into designing this Guided Meditation.

It is designed to take to a level where you can later do this meditation by yourself. It is also related to the Nine Deep Breaths to Peace Technique described here – so read that as well when you get a chance…

All who have tried it so far enjoy it, and have found it very useful, so I sincerily hope you find it as useful as we do.